In the blog that I wrote for last year’s trip to the U.S. I told the story of the two stray kittens who turned up one cold morning in late December.

We called them Oscar and Felix, the names of the two main characters in the TV series “The Odd Couple” because they were inseparable and, according to the vet we took them to, brothers and rather odd to have stayed together as strays.

Unfortunately young Felix disappeared one night in spring, and was never seen again.

Oscar, though, has stayed around and thrived, as you can see from these photos, the “before” photo taken a couple of days after they arrived on December 19th last year and the “after” photo taken today, November 15th:








Whether Oscar is now fully grown remains to be seen. When Oscar first turned up as a stray, Rick had wondered whether he was a Maine Coon breed, and the vet had said he looked as if he has some of the breed in him. The Maine Coon is a monster cat and if Oscar is partly Maine Coon he has some growth left in him yet. Apparently the Maine Coon cats don’t reach full size until about 4 years old.

Oscar looks like a Maine Coon doesn’t he?

Maine Coon

Maine Coon


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