Tonight being Halloween it was time for me to dress up and perform.

My costume of choice for this year’s Halloween was Darth Vader. Rick and I trolled the shops looking for a suitable costume and found an excellent one at Party City in Winston-Salem.

It came with plastic face mask, a one-piece body suit incorporating an illuminating chest-mounted control panel, a codpiece, shin guards, gauntlets and a long cloak. Awesome.

We went further than this. We added the iconic Darth Vader breathing respirator by downloading an hour-long recording I found on YouTube, to play it through a chest-mounted speaker amplifying the sound played through my iPod which we attached underneath the speaker. Awesome.

I sort-of rehearsed an entrance I’d make and a few sentences of introduction.

Rick had to help me attach some of the costume, and then he went to start a video camera I’d set up on the kitchen table; and this is how my entrance went:


You can’t easily hear what I announced to my audience in the living room, dropping my voice into its bass range, Vader-like, but it went like this:

“I am Darth Vader, Lord of Darkness. Tonight the dark force is strong out there, so strong that for tonight, and for one night only, I have turned to the light, and now you may call me Lord Vader, Lord of the Light.

“I am here to protect and champion the children as they go into the neighborhood to vanquish the darkness. Lilly Grace, come with me, stay close by my side, and we will face the darkness together.”

The costume made a big impression.

Here are some photos of how the escapade went:

The first shows Rick’s grand-daughter Lilly who is dressed as a Ninja Chef, being escorted on to the street by Darth Vader, from the next-door neighbor’s front yard.


We were teaming up with the neighbors Hardena (pictured above), husband Chris and their three boys Jaylin, Dylan and Grayson (pictured below) who were in various costumes calculated to scare us all even more than they usually do:








Without question, the most freaky, scary costume of all was worn by Hardena’s mom who stayed back at their house and greeted the children with “Would you like some chocolate, little boy?” in a screechy, zombie-style cackle. And that’s her real hair, by the way. Some children must be having nightmares now:


Hardena's Mom-1


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