Today I met Melissa Vickers who had created the Global Love Initiative Winston-Salem event held on May 1st this year in Winston-Salem.

This event was part of the Global Love Day event which is a The Love Foundation initiative having taken place annually on May 1st for the last 12 years around the world.

The idea of the event is that people around the world can share in the event by having get-togethers of any one sort or another to “share the love”.

As a board member of The Love Foundation, based in Florida, U.S., I had seen that Melissa’s event was to take place in Winston-Salem and I had contacted Melissa to tell her of my personal interest in the event and also to order one of the event’s T-shirts bearing the logo “Winston-Salem Global Love Day – Join the REVOLution” for Rick’s daughter Mary Catherine.

It turned out that Melissa lives quite close to Rick and we arranged that Rick would collect the T-shirt from Melissa and deliver it by hand to Mary Catherine. So Rick met Melissa before I did.

I’d also said that when I return to Winston-Salem I’d give her a call to arrange to meet for coffee, which is what happened today.

Rick came too, because it was a social meeting, not a ‘Global Love Day’ meeting, and he’d have to anyway because I can’t drive in the U.S.! And we needed a photographer! But of course Rick should have been there too.

We met at a cafe suggested by Melissa, the Twin City Hive Cafe and enjoyed an hour or so chatting about all sorts of things, and a bit of time also spent talking “business” about the Global Love Day event which Melissa may arrange again for next year.

We staged a photograph which Rick took for us and Melissa posted that photograph to her event’s Facebook page and I shared it to the Global Love Day Facebook page and my own Timeline.


Melissa had written “Just had the pleasure of enjoying coffee and great conversation with Philip Snow, one of the board members of the Love Foundation. He is from and lives in England but is visiting a close friend who lives in Winston.

We talked about the possibilities of Global Love Day for next year, and I have to say, I’m excited about thinking of ways to celebrate in 2016!”

To which I replied, with perhaps a slightly “official” touch to it in the context of me being a Global Love Day ‘ambassador’: “And the pleasure was mutual, Melissa, thank you, it’s such a pleasure to make these global connections through Global Love Day.”

It was a wonderful get-together and we agreed to meet again before I have to leave Winston-Salem in January.

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