The very best fall colors we ever see on our travels in the mountains and elsewhere are to be found within 100 feet of Rick and Janice’s home!

Partly this is because we’re here at Rick and Janice’s when the colors reach their perfect peak, and also because they have a variety of trees which turn into some of the best colors.

Some of the best colors near to the house have yet to come (and just in case the weather doesn’t help matters this year, here is a tree that is yet to produce its best this year), but here are some photos we’ve taken so far this year, of trees in and around the garden of the house itself:











This next photo was taken by Rick as we left Reynolda House, Winston-Salem after I’d been taking some “being there” videos for a chap who asked me to do a “green, green grass and trees” video for him; Rick had one of those “there’s a photo” moments as he was waiting at a junction on the road:




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Day 14: October 28th 2015: Fall colors at Rick and Janice’s home — 1 Comment

  1. Hello Philip and Rick from very windy Staffordshire.

    Loving all of these pictures and information on this blog, Mike is enjoying it too, we have watched all of the information I am so amazed by the wonderful colours of the trees, our fall was almost instant one minute all of the leaves were on the trees then they were on the pavements(sidewalks)

    Looking forward to more interesting stuff.

    Have a very Happy Christmas too.

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